Modular Garden Border


Create beautiful garden enclosures and borders in minutes

Use EverBlock in place of 6″ x 6″ wooden beams which can leach harmful chemical into the ground and are heavy and difficult to install.

Connect sections as needed to create any sized garden and finish your enclosure with our finishing caps. Sections make be staked into the ground for a more permanent installation.

With EverBlock, you can create beautiful shapes, limited only by your imagination, and build up your perimeter as tall is necessary for your planting needs. EverBlock’s durable interlocking construction allows you to fill your enclosure with soil and plantings and blocks are weatherproof and UV resistant.

Use organic colors like our brown, black, or green, or have some fun and build colorful garden beds and enclosures with up to 12 standard colors.

EverBlock is BPA and Phthalate free so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals entering your garden and sections are 100% recyclable.

Delineate areas and define spaces with EverBlock garden edging.

Enclose a garden bed and fill with soil to create a
raised flower bed, vegetable garden or landscape
feature. Add block layers as needed to
create deeper gardens.

Separate gravel and grass areas and define areas and spaces quickly with modular garden edging constructed using EverBlock.

Create fun and colorful modular garden enclosures that can support soil and plants.

Construct in any size and shape that the space and your plans dictate.

Build amazing modular gardens that can be changed yearly, expanded, and reconfigured as needed.

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