Special Events



Use EverBlock® for All Your Event Design

Beautiful modular special event decor thats limited only by your imagination

With EverBlock you can create unique modular structures such as archways, hard tent walls, pillars, feature walls, room dividers, and customized furniture.

EverBlock is the world’s fastest and most flexible modular building system for designing and constructing all kinds of objects and event decor.

Colorful modular constructions can then be modified and reused at another event site.

  • Temporary event structures
  • Decor, pillars, entryway’s and stylish objects
  • Event furniture such as bars, benches, tables, etc
  • Pony walls, backdrops and room dividers
  • Hard tent sidewall
  • Interior tent walls and tent dividers
  • Exhibits and displays
  • Risers, platforms, podiums, and steps
  • Illuminated objects

Custom Event Furniture and Unique Decor

Use EverBlock® to build custom cocktail tables, buffets, bars, benches, staging, platforms and accent features for your events. Mix and match and change event decor as needed for each event.

Special Events


Buffet Stations

Build beautiful buffet stations and server stations for banquets and catering


Catering Risers

Build amazing buffet stations and catering risers


Banquet Tables

Build beautiful catering risers for banquets and create serving stations for events


Event decor

Use EverBlock to create incredibly beautiful (and useful) catering stations

Build customized bars to any size, shape, and configuration
Create beautiful custom concession counters, columns and event decor for all types of event applications.
Create a unique modular DJ booth, podium, desk or bar
Create complete environments for your events and mix blocks with other elements for dramatic effect.
Build custom event furniture in all sizes and in shapes that meet your specific event space requirements

The flexibility of EverBlock allows you to build all types and sizes of event furniture with only 4 different module types. Imagine the possibilities when you can create customized event furnishings that perfectly match an event space.

Integrate custom shelving units as needed for catering, bar storage, and other needs.

Event Divider Walls To Delineate Areas, and Build Additional Rooms and Spaces

Use EverBlock to create portable interior walls that divide up tents and fabric structures and create a more permanent feel within the tent. Create offices, green rooms, display areas, and other delineation within tents and outside.

Choose the height, width, length and configuration of your walls and use hanging clips to attach banners, art-work, and other accessories.

Use EverBlock to create temporary walls for the display of art at all types of special events, including fundraisers, and charity functions

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Event Space Dividers

Build durable event space dividers that are attractive


Insert reinforcement rods

Use wooden dowel to reinforce constructions and provide additional stability


Full height event walls

Create full height walls that screen areas off and separate spaces


Beautiful finished walls

Beautiful walls that look permanent and define spaces better than drapes or flimsy dividers


Modular event walls

Install walls to delineate spaces and divide areas for conferences and events


Easy to construct event walls

Quickly build durable event walls and modify as needed


Custom Event Walls

Customize walls and add supports as needed for higher walls

Add color for dramatic effect and to pick up the theme of the event. Build modular backdrops and exciting decor that capture the imagination and brings your event to life.
Beautiful walls and backdrops can receive printed graphics. Ideal for team-building events, experiential marketing projects, brand activations and all types of unique projects
Rigid Sidewalls and Interior Dividers for Tents
Imagine rigid sidewalls for your tents, in color, with patterns, and in any size and shape you desire. Create windows and openings wherever you desire, alternate wall height, build interior walls, and create archways, walkways, and entryway structures.  Add interior decorative walls, privacy dividers and pony walls for event area delineation.

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Tent Pony Walls

Use EverBlock to build pony walls for tents, enclosures for VIP areas and event decor applications.


Tent Sidewall

Create dramatic rigid tent sidewall in color to match event themes and corporate colors


Rigid Sidewall

Create rigid side walls on pole tents, frame tents, and structure of all types.

Use for exhibition and conference walls and backdrops
Build backdrops for stages, walls for hanging art and signs, and incredible decor such as enclosures for center poles, podiums for lighting or floral displays, generator screening, and room delineation.
Build attractive dividers to separate areas inside a tent and add a modern aesthetic and look.
Create amazing modular backdrops for inside tents, behind stages, and for a variety of requirements.
Create incredible modular backdrops, illuminate with lighting and project as needed on the surface to create amazing visual displays for all types of special events.
Use EverBlock® to Build Platforms, Podiums, Risers, and Fashion Runways

Use EverBlock to create customized runways for fashion shows, platforms for dancing, displays and podiums for speakers, vehicles, and objects, and other raised surfaces and risers for bands, dining, and other applications. Stagger blocks to create durable raised surfaces that support tremendous weight because of the interior block support matrix.

Expand sections as needed for varying events and change the configuration and layout quickly and without tools or equipment.

Add steps, backdrops, and podiums to your design to create a comprehensive integrated solution
Create platforms and risers of all sizes and shapes and alternate colors to create beautiful effects
Create All Types of Illuminated Decor and Structures
Imagine illuminated entryways and elaborate and colorful decor that transforms your event space in ways previously unimaginable.

EverBlock is designed to accept LED tape-style lighting, which can be used to illuminate structures that you build.

From columns to event furniture and from illuminated platforms and feature walls to decorative dividers, illuminated EverBlock creates a dramatic lighting option for your next event.

Highlight sever stations, corporate displays, and

Illuminate tables, displays, backdrops and more
Add bar storage as needed to your construction
Create amazing LED Illuminated bars
Create excitement at events by illuminating DJ booths, band risers, and more
urbaneconcepts for projection mapping applications, creating amazing visuals.
Illuminate translucent blocks from within and from outside for amazing effects.

Event Furniture and Decor Limited Only By Your

From event rental companies, to tent and marquee renters and from experiential event and marketing companies to caterers, EverBlock® is the ideal system for building custom furniture, walls, and objects for any type of event.  Use blocks alone, or add vinyl graphics, lighting, and stretch fabrics to your creations to transform your event space. EverBlock allows you and your clients to craft unique one-of-a-kind structures at reasonable costs.
Want to create amazing props for your next special event? View our Props and Scenery page.
We offer rental and sale of EverBlock® in a variety of colors, allowing you to mix and match as needed to meet event themes, match team or corporate colors and achieve your goals.

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